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Stork Harassing Easterners Might Not Make It to Africa

Who will pay for the damage caused to people? The state refuses to.

Since May, an aggressive stork has terrorised the small village of Černiná in the Humenné district, eastern Slovakia.

At first, mayor Silvia Žinčáková had to cover the door of a funeral home with chairs and cardboard because the stork did not like its reflection in the glass door. Later, car owners in or visiting the village were forced to park their vehicles in garages, under shelters or to cover them.

“The stork’s activity is occasional, it’s not like the stork waits for a car all day, nor has it attacked people yet,” the mayor told the My Východ website in June. She added that the stork can damage an entire car.

Every time the fearless stork sees its reflection in the glass, it perceives the reflection as its rival and tries to protect its nest, partner and four baby storks.

The aggressive stork with its family should leave for Africa in the coming days.The aggressive stork with its family should leave for Africa in the coming days. (Source: Černiná Town Hall)

Off to Africa maybe

Conservationists, surprised by the atypical behaviour of the male stork, could not help the village in recent weeks. The stork is protected. But in the coming days, storks will be leaving Slovakia for Africa and problems should stop. Regardless, conservationists pledged to check up on the stork’s behaviour before it sets out on a long trip. If its behaviour does not change, they will take appropriate measures to prevent it from attacking cars again next year.

The Environment Ministry explained that the stork could be placed in a rehabilitation facility or killed, if it is proven that the stork’s behaviour is permanently altered. An exception would have to be granted for its killing.

“This is a completely radical solution,” the ministry noted.

Who will pay for the damage?

The stork has damaged seven cars, according to the mayor. The damage has been estimated at €22,566. The ministry may not cover the damage as the stork is not on a list of protected animals that usually cause damage.

A car damaged by the aggressive stork in Černiná.A car damaged by the aggressive stork in Černiná. (Source: Černiná Town Hall)

Insurance companies can help people in the village only under certain conditions.

“Damage to a motor vehicle caused by an animal can only be covered by accident insurance with additional insurance for damage caused by animals,” said Eva Jacková, spokesperson for the Slovak Association of Insurance Companies.

Problems caused by birds are somewhat rare, she added.

Source : The Slovak Spectator