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Algeria’s New Stadium of Tizi Ouzou Sets the Standard With Electro-Voice and Dynacord

Algeria – Electro-Voice loudspeakers and Dynacord electronics are at the heart of the recently completed New Stadium of Tizi Ouzou in Algeria. The 50,000-seat venue is the home of JS Kabylie and has been built to exacting UEFA standards, covering everything from the pitch to the capabilities of the technical equipment installed, making the selection of the EN-54-rated Electro-Voice EVH loudspeakers and Dynacord IPX amplifiers an obvious choice.

The audio system was designed by Turkish Electro-Voice and Dynacord partner, Atempo. The company has worked on a variety of stadium projects and understands exactly what is needed to meet the expected standards while also allowing a venue the flexibility to host non-sporting events. It was the real-world performance combined with the technical specs that made Electro-Voice and Dynacord the right selection for the New Stadium of Tizi Ouzou.

“Power amplifiers from Dynacord and loudspeakers from Electro-Voice were chosen to provide quality audio performance and reliability,” explains Onur Metinel, from Atempo. “We carried out the sound system design in full compliance with UEFA standards and the sound level and homogeneity have been perfectly captured in line with the values predicted during the design phase. This ensures an even coverage and great sound experience across every part of the stadium.”

A total of 112EVH-1152D weatherised cabinets have been arrayed in clusters of three and flown from the stadium roof to cover the various bowl seating areas. A further 102 EVID-S5.2T combined with four EVID-S8.2 provide the under-balcony fill to ensure an even sound level throughout the stadium.

Erhan Yılmaz, technical manager at Atempo described how EVH loudspeakers have been a problem-solver for the project: “EVH models are designed to achieve very high output levels of up to 139dB while maintaining balanced and consistent distribution, making them ideal for covering large outdoor spaces. In addition, their general durability and weatherised options give them a high level of resilience to harsh climatic conditions.”

The EVH and EVID-S5.2 bowl sound system is driven by 12 Dynacord IPX10:8 power amplifiers and the EVID-S8.2 are powered by a pair ofL1300FD amplifiers. The brains of the system comes via an MXE5 matrix mix engine for control and SONICUE Sound System software, which was used for efficient setup and creating a user-friendly, customised interface.

“The powerful IPX Series amplifiers were our preferred option for driving the bowl system,” says Yılmaz. “For the faultless operation and reliability of the sound system, we created four different amplifier rooms connected by Luminex switches. The system can work redundantly via the Dante network and provides the highest level of performance.”

Atempo worked closely with local companies KYT Elektrik as the electrical integrator and Atlas Construction as the main contractor for the project. “These collaborations and the experienced team have made it possible to overcome the difficulties in the New Stadium of Tizi Ouzou project,” noted Murat Köysüren, project co-ordinator at Atempo. “Atempo’s experience, KYT Elektrik’s quality workmanship and Atlas Construction’s support contributed to the successful completion of the project.”

Volkan Konuralp, chairman of the board at Atempo is clearly proud of the work: “Our team has achieved outstanding audio performance at the New Stadium of Tizi Ouzou. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we have successfully provided management at every stage of the project. In the process from material supply to installation and commissioning, Atempo’s team worked in continuous co-operation to ensure the creation of the perfect stadium sound system. Atempo’s professional approach ensured the successful completion of the project and the seamless integration of the entire system. This ensured that the stadium is a sports event center that complies with international standards.”

Source : etnow