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Serbian Police Arrest 6 Migrants Following Deadly Shooting Near Hungary Border

After a shooting incident involving migrants near the Hungarian border that left three dead and one injured, Serbian authorities have arrested six people and seized several automatic weapons.

Last Friday, local media reported that the police also detained four Afghan citizens and two Turkish nationals suspected of illegal possession of firearms and explosives. At the time of reporting, it remained uncertain whether they would also face charges in connection with the shooting, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The suspected confrontation between groups of migrants took place in the early hours of Friday inside the abandoned agricultural warehouse near the village of Horgos. Law enforcement conducted a raid in the area, where two machine guns and ammunition were confiscated.

In addition, 79 migrants were discovered and then transported to reception centres, as stated in the official announcement.

Violence and gun clashes have become increasingly frequent along the border between Serbia and Hungary. Thousands of migrants have set up camps nearby, seeking help from people smugglers to cross.

The Serbia-Hungary border area is located along the Balkan land route for migration to Western Europe, which originates in Turkey, passes through Greece and Bulgaria, and continues through North Macedonia, Serbia, or Bosnia.

More trouble at our Southern border. According to reports, residents of Horgoš, Serbia, have been hearing continuous gunfire since 4 a.m. The uncertainty was palpable as gunfire persisted around the village for hours, making it feel like a “small-scale war”.Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs on X (former Twitter)

Kovacs stressed that Hungary has repeatedly alerted the EU about the increasing levels of violence and acts of terrorism committed by migrant groups along our borders. According to him, despite these warnings, it seems that the EU is not ready to accept this issue.

He further asserted that Brussels must recognise that what is needed is not quotas or migrant camps but a swift and well-coordinated initiative to protect our borders and ensure the safety of our citizens.

Moreover, in late September of this year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán revealed that a joint border patrol involving Hungary and Serbia had been attacked with automatic weapons.

In this incident, a combined Serbian-Hungarian patrol unit, consisting of four people, was targeted by gunfire originating from the Serbian side. After the initial shooting, multiple rapid shots were fired at the temporary border security barrier in the Mórahalom area.

In June 2023, Hungary extended and reinforced the fence along its border with Serbia. In this regard, Hungarian authorities noted that an additional ten-kilometre section had been added to the existing 165-kilometre fence in the Hercegszanto area.

The State’s Secretary explained that this new section was erected to protect a marshy region that had experienced fewer irregular entries. However, smugglers had discovered this new route during the previous summer.

Source : Schengenvisa Info