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In Hungary Western-Style Governments Would Fall in Minutes, Viktor Orbán Claims

On Thursday morning, the government met in the Sopronbánfalvi monastery for a marathon three-day cabinet meeting that started on Wednesday evening. Discussions regarding developments in the war in Ukraine and Sweden’s NATO deal will be on the table, reported Mandiner.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on his Facebook page that he would be appearing live on Kossuth Radio from the Western town of Sopron, on Friday morning! The Prime Minister said that the cabinet meeting started on Wednesday evening and will end on Friday morning. He said that there are the daily topical issues (migration, war) and other big issues, such as the country’s energy supply for 10-20 years, the army, or the family support system in a 20-25 year perspective.

The Prime Minister also commented on the state of the war. He said that

the war will be delayed and that a different future awaits the Hungarians if there is a war and if there is not.

In his view, there is insufficient talk about peace negotiations. War and sanctions are not going to disappear from our lives, so we have to “manage inflation” ourselves, he said. He added that the cabinet was working continuously against migration, so that every month the rate of inflation would fall.


The Ukrainians can only see the conflict through their own eyes, he said, adding that we must think rationally. If Ukraine had been admitted to NATO, it would have meant a world war in the future. The Prime Minister maintained that the Ukrainians’ style of communication and interaction is unusual, because if you are in trouble, you behave properly, but this does not apply to Ukrainians, because from there the world looks different from our point of view.
Mr Orbán said that we are not an inch closer to peace, because the Ukrainians are getting more and more weapons, including mentioned cluster bombs. He said that we must not forget the human dimension of war, because thousands of people are dying every day. That is why a ceasefire and a peace agreement are necessary. Nobody knows why the Americans do not champion peace negotiations – the Prime Minister noted, explaining that Ukraine has already lost its sovereignty because it gets everything from the West. If the US wanted peace, negotiations would start tomorrow, he added.

Border protection

Viktor Orbán said that in the past year 330,000 illegal migrants had been detained at the EU’s borders, including 270,000 at the Hungarian border. He said that

in the field of migration we must rely only on our own experience, which is why we must remember our own experience, the disconcerting events of 2015.

He explained that the solution to the migrant crisis is to ensure that no one enters the EU, only those who have been granted refugee status. Viktor Orbán noted that many were envious because Hungary has no migrants. We will not allow Brussels to destroy the successful Hungarian border management system, he said.

Viktor Orbán said that a government like the ones in the West “would fall in three minutes at home”. It is unacceptable that Brussels decides that there should be migrant ghettos. He said that he was working hard in order to close the refugee camps in Hungary, and that we would stick to this goal. He warned though that Brussels can use the Hungarian left at any time to impose the migrant quota and the migrant ghetto on us. In this context, he said, an anti-migration alliance must be built in Europe.

Source : Hungary Today