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11 Women Lose Their Lives to Breast Cancer Every Day in Morocco

Breast cancer claims the lives of 11 Moroccan women every single day, according to Moroccan healthcare policy and systems researcher Tayeb Hamdi.

SNRT News reported on Tuesday Hamdi’s assessment of the harrowing findings regarding breast cancer in Morocco, with the researcher insisting that the disease remains the most prevalent form of cancer in the North African country.

Breast cancer, which affects both men and women, is diagnosed in one in five cases of cancer.

Hamdi revealed that a staggering 38.1% of cancer cases diagnosed among women are breast cancers, which equates to 4 out of every 10 cancer cases.

Each day witnesses the diagnosis of approximately 34 breast cancer cases in Morocco, totaling 12,000 cases annually.

Even more distressing is the fact that this cancer kills 11 women daily, resulting in a yearly toll of 4,000 lives lost.

Hamdi’s data further underlined the global gravity of the issue. In 2020, the world recorded 2.26 million cases of breast cancer, with 685,000 fatalities.

Breast cancer has now, for the first time, surpassed lung cancer to become the most widespread cancer worldwide.

The Moroccan researcher noted that breast cancer is among the cancers that can be effectively cured when detected and treated in its early stages.

However, delay in diagnosis can lead to more aggressive treatments, complications, and significantly reduced chances of survival.

Hamdi advised regular breast cancer screening using mammography every two to three years for women aged 50 and above. He said that this method is the most effective in detecting breast cancer in its early stages.

In addition, he encouraged women aged more than 25 years to perform monthly breast self-exams following their menstrual cycle.

He noted that statistics suggest that one out of every 10 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and, on average, one out of every 25 women will die from the disease.

Source: Morocco World News