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Alten Maroc, Education Ministry Partner to Boost Engineer Training

Alten Maroc, an engineering and IT services company, signed on Thursday a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Industry, aiming to enhance the training of engineers.

The agreement aims to establish a mutual commitment to promote the employability of young Moroccans and improve the quality of engineering education.

Under the collaboration, the three parties will commit to developing training programs for specific target fields, adapting engineering education offerings to the needs of the Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) ecosystem.

In addition, the three parties will identify new professions within the engineering sector while providing support and guidance to future engineers during their time at Alten’s facilities.

The three parties equally pledged to support the integration of graduates of the programs under the agreement into the professional sector.

Commenting on the agreement, Didier Marchet, Director of Offshore Delivery Centers at Alten Maroc, said that his company is “delighted” to establish the partnership.“Alten Maroc is committed to supporting students and young engineers in their educational and professional journeys, thus contributing to the development of the engineering industry in Morocco,” he added.

For his part, the Minister of Industry and Commerce Ryad Mezzour expressed his support for the initiative, stating that “competent engineers are the drivers of innovation and industrial development.”

According to Mezzour, engineers “bring advanced skills and valuable expertise that strengthen our national industry, boost economic growth, and create high-quality jobs.”

“The partnership will help train the next generation of competent Moroccan engineers who will play a key role in the development of our national industry,” he asserted.

Abdellatif Miraoui, Minister of Higher Education, said that the partnership represents “a major step” in the ministry’s ambitions to strengthen engineering skills in Morocco.

“By working hand in hand with Alten Maroc, we will be able to offer training programs that align with industry needs and promote the employability of our graduates,” he explained.

Source: Morocco World News