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FIA Arrest Five Human Traffickers Linked to Libya Boast Wreck

The FIA Gujarat Circle on Monday arrested five suspects, including individuals listed in the Red Book as the most wanted human traffickers in connection with a tragic boat accident in Libya.

These suspects, identified as Seth Masood, Sajawal Adnan, Bilal Rashid, Gulrez Qaiser, and Mudassar, were arrested from various areas in Gujarat.

Their alleged involvement revolved around a fraudulent scheme, where they amassed large sums of money under the guise of facilitating the migration of citizens abroad.

Seth Masood, one of the accused, had been featured in the Red Book of most wanted human traffickers. He was sought after by the FIA Gujarat Circle in numerous cases.

The group of suspects was involved in orchestrating the illegal transfer of innocent Pakistani citizens to Italy through Libya.
Their operation involved extracting substantial sums, ranging from Rs 25 to 30 lakhs, from multiple victims, promising to facilitate their journeys.

The accused also maintained connections with agents in Libya, using indirect references to transfer the funds.
For instance, Sajawal Adnan received Rs 28 lakhs for sending a victim to Italy, who, unfortunately, remains missing in Libya.

Bilal Rashid and Gulrez Qaiser received a total of Rs 50 lakhs from their victims to secure passage to Italy. Mudassar, another accused, accepted money for sending a victim to Iraq.

After receiving these funds, the suspects went into hiding. The FIA Gujarat Circle had been pursuing them since 2019, and the recent arrests have now initiated a comprehensive investigation into their activities.
This development is a significant step in addressing human trafficking and its associated criminal networks in the region.

Source: Bol News