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Germany Supports Egypt’s Efforts to Bring Aid to Besieged Gaza

The German ambassador to Cairo, Frank Hartmann, expressed his country’s support for Egypt’s efforts to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to bring aid to the besieged enclave. He also called on Israel to agree to a ceasefire and to respect international humanitarian law.

Hartmann said that Germany agrees with Egypt on the need to protect civilians in Gaza, prevent the escalation of violence and its spread to neighboring countries, and stop the human suffering caused by the conflict. He also warned Hezbollah not to provoke further tension in the region.

Hartmann reiterated what the German Foreign Minister and Chancellor had said during their recent visits to Israel, that Hamas does not represent Palestine and that the Palestinians should not pay the price for its actions. He said that Germany had urged Israel to adhere to international humanitarian law and to avoid any crimes against humanity.

He also affirmed Germany’s commitment to the two-state solution as the best political option for resolving the conflict, according to the Munich Conference. He said that Germany opposes the occupation and supports the strengthening of the Palestinian Authority, which should take control of Gaza as a way to end the escalation and violence.

Hartmann revealed that Germany had provided about €50 million in aid to Gaza in light of the conflict, bringing the total aid for 2023 to around €120 million. He said that Germany would continue to provide humanitarian assistance to both Palestinians and Israelis.

Source: Daily News