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Hamas’ Khaled Meshaal Remarks on Morocco Ignites Uproar

It appears that Khaled Meshaal is replicating Macron’s controversial act following the Haouz earthquake, by directly addressing Moroccans – violating not only the country’s protocol but also causing significant public dissatisfaction.

Rabat – The hashtag “only the King can address Moroccans ” has resurfaced online following the remarks made by the head of Hamas foreign political bureau, Khaled Meshaal, with regards to Morocco’s position over the Palestinian cause.

The hashtag is dominating the trending posts online, especially on X, formerly Twitter, where thousands of Moroccans reacted to Meshaal’s remarks. Many have considered the remarks to be controversial and overstepping the country’s protocol, ethics, and particularly Rabat’s sovereignty.

As it happened

In the video, the former chief of Hamas appeared on Sunday to address Moroccans directly, calling on them to confront the country’s leadership and urge it to end its ties with Israel.

“I call on my Moroccan brothers to address the leadership of the country, out of love for Morocco, out of concern for its interests and its security, out of love for Palestine, especially in the current circumstances, to tell them to break relations, to stop normalization and expel the ambassador [head of Israeli liaison office in Morocco David Govrin],” Meshaal said.

The remarks triggered frustration and a public outcry among many, including politicians, public figures, media, and Moroccan netizens – who took issue mainly with Meshaal’s disregard of the country’s protocol by directly addressing the people of Morocco.

Morocco’s Popular Movement Party viewed Meshaal’s remarks as a “direct incitement to discord and an attempt to impose dictates on an independent state.”

In a statement in response to Meshaal’s remarks, the party emphasized that such acts lack the “minimum standard of courtesy and diplomatic norms,” stressing that this also ignores the support provided by Morocco and its King in favor of the Palestinian cause.

Describing the remarks as “irresponsible,” the party emphasized that such a statement reflects “agendas beyond the context of the Palestinian cause, an issue that Morocco has championed at the forefront alongside the cause of territorial integrity.”

A score of media sources also condemned Meshaal’s remarks, viewing his remarks as an “incitement to discord.”

Moroccan French-speaking news outlet L360 said that Meshaal “intends to ignite the flames of discord in Morocco. This is the least that can be said following his speech.”

The news outlet further analyzed Meshaal’s remarks, describing it as “commanding.”

Widespread outcry

Many responded to Meshaal’s remarks by sharing the hashtag “Moroccans are only addressed by their King.”

“How can he allow himself as a foreigner to address the Moroccan people? When did a foreigner, at the height of audacity, become a guardian of Morocco to deliver an inflammatory speech to a sovereign people with a King who addresses them and knows their interests? Moroccans do not accept lessons from anyone,” a commenter wrote on X.

Another one wrote: “By what right do you address us? We are a sovereign country. Did you consult with anyone when you declared war on the Zionist entity that claimed thousands of lives? You should direct our message to Iran, whose agenda you serve in the region, yet we stand with Palestine,” another one wrote.


The same hashtag went viral after the controversial decision of Emmanuel Macron to directly address Moroccans following the devastating earthquake that struck Al Haouz region in September.

Following the earthquake, Macron posted a video message on his social media, pledging France’s support to Morocco. In the video, Macron said he wanted to speak “ directly” to all Moroccans.

“There have been many unnecessary controversies in recent days. We have the possibility to provide direct humanitarian assistance,” Macron said, noting that this is a sovereign decision and that it is “the sovereign right of His Majesty the King and the Government of Morocco to organize international aid.” 

As the video came amid diplomatic tensions between Rabat and Paris, many Moroccans called Macron’s decision as “stupid and an “impulsive idea– stressing that the Moroccan King is the only legitimate person to deliver such a solemn address to the Moroccan people.”

Source : Morocco World News