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Morocco, Germany Poised to Promote Security Cooperation

Morocco and Germany have signed on Monday a joint declaration of intent aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries’ Interior Ministries in the areas of security, migration, civil protection, and the fight against different forms of cross-border crime, on the basis of equality, equal treatment, common interest and mutual esteem.

The Declaration of intent that is based on equality, equal treatment, common interest, and mutual esteem, was signed during a meeting that gathered in Rabat Morocco’s Interior Minister, Abdelouafi Laftit, and visiting German .

The two officials expressed their shared determination to promote security cooperation between the two countries and exchanged views on several issues, including the fight against terrorism, extremism, and illegal immigration. In light of the emergence of different forms of threats, Morocco and Germany are both convinced of the importance of proactive prevention to limit these crimes, the Moroccan Interior Ministry said in a press release.

The meeting was also an opportunity for both parties to emphasize the need to strengthen the exchange of information and expertise, for greater efficiency and effectiveness in terms of security cooperation between the two countries, while endeavoring to step up operational cooperation to fight various forms of cross-border crimes to ward off all the dangers and threats affecting the security and tranquility of the citizens of the two countries.

It is to be recalled that Moroccan security services have repeatedly helped their German counterparts to foil terror plots and arrest terrorists. As an instance, this October 24, Morocco’s General Directorate for the Surveillance of the National Territory (DGST) alerted German intelligence services about the case of a German-Egyptian national who was planning large-scale terrorist attacks in Germany, including a ramming attack using a truck. The suspect was identified and arrested and Germany was thus spared a massacre.

At a news conference she held after her talks with Laftit, the German official described Morocco as a key regional political player and a privileged EU partner.

Mrs Nancy Faeser called for giving new impetus to Moroccan-German relations and further deepening them in different fields, hailing the long-standing cooperation between the two ministries, particularly in the areas of security, anti-terrorism and organized crime. This cooperation can be expanded to other spheres, namely civil protection and digitalization, she said.

Migration is also an important topic of cooperation, Germany and Morocco being countries not only of emigration but also of transit, Faeser said, stressing the need to reinforce legal migration to fight irregular migration.

The German official also hailed the considerable efforts made by Moroccan authorities for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the earthquake-affected areas.

The minister further congratulated the Kingdom for the organization, alongside Spain and Portugal, of the 2030 FIFA World Cup, underlining that this World Cup will be a wonderful tournament.

Source: North Africa Post