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Tunisia to Pay TND 3.3 Billion in Foreign Debt at End of 2023

Tunisia will have to pay around 3.3 billion dinars in foreign debt to third parties by the end of 2023, the government has announced.

This amount represents half of the principal debt to be repaid this year, estimated at 5.6 billion dinars.

In the document of the amended finance law for the year 2023, to be presented to a plenary session of the Parliament at the end of October, the government provided detailed data on the repayments of foreign debt and debt interest, which together constitute what is known as debt service, amounting to about 20 billion dinars in 2023.

The document, which is part of the principal list, includes the repayment of a Eurobond worth 500 million euros in October 2023 and a bond loan secured by Japan worth 4.22 billion yen in August 2023.

Tunisia paid the IMF’s 2020 Rapid Financing Instrument instalments of $90m per month in July 2023 and $90m in October 2023.

The government repaid the 2016-2019 Extended Fund Facility loan instalments of $129 million in August 2023 and $109 million in the last months of 2023, as well as a $100 million loan from Saudi Arabia spread between January and July 2023.

Source: African Manager