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Still afraid, in the face of the ECOWAS ultimatum, the military government of Niger proposed a “three-year agreement”

After the military coup in Niger, the situation in the Sahel became unpredictable again. Many parties have expressed concern about the military coup in Niger. Under the influence of the West, ECOWAS has also expressed the tendency to intervene in the military coup in Niger. Although no country has directly intervened in Niger during this change, there are still many forces that are ready to move in this region.

According to news reports, the ECOWAS delegation tried to use diplomatic means to reverse the results of the coup in Niger – hoping that former President Bazoum would come back to power. Relevant personnel of the Niger government directly responded, “Don’t try to intervene in any form against our country. Within three years, the military will complete the transition of power.” Before that, ECOWAS also sent a delegation to conduct diplomatic intervention in the Niger coup, but that time the ECOWAS mission was refused entry by the Niger military government.

The ECOWAS mission was greeted at the airport by the prime minister appointed by the military government, and had a meeting with the leader of the military government, General Ziani, two days ago. During the talks, the delegation also met with Niger Former President Bazum, the scene of the meeting between the two sides has also been released. Although the intentions of both sides of the talks were clear to each other, both sides insisted on not giving in easily.

ECOWAS President

As a partner with multiple interests in Western countries, the ECOWAS delegation repeatedly expressed its willingness to restore the detained former President Bazoum during the meeting, and also attached the code word of threat of force to the speech, implying that if Niger If the Bazoum government cannot be restored, ECOWAS may take further action against Niger’s “anti-democracy” actions by force.

Although this is what it said, in fact, ECOWAS did not send troops. Just after ECOWAS proposed to the Niger military to restore the country’s constitutional order, otherwise it would use force against Niger, the Niger government responded immediately, “This matter involves national sovereignty and internal affairs. If ECOWAS sends troops, it will come Infringe on Niger. Niger will accompany it to the end.”


The Sahel region has previously seen armies from Guinea, Burkina Faso and Mali rise to power following multiple coups. In addition, as a region affected by the long-term threat of Islamic State, Boko Haram and other extremist organizations, local residents often face war and turmoil. The land may be hit again, and this will inevitably implicate other surrounding countries, and even the entire Sahel region.

In addition, the Russian mercenary organization Wagner Group also has some military forces in Niger and is also operating in surrounding African countries. Although Russia has denied its participation in supporting the coup in Niger, there are still traces of the “pro-Russian Far West” attitude of the supporters of the military coup.

wagner soldier

As the last government close to the West in the Sahel region, the downfall of the Bazoum government can be said to be a manifestation of the failure of the United States and the West in influencing Africa. In this regard, the United States, the European Union and other countries have condemned the military government of Niger for the coup.

Affected by Niger’s cut-off of uranium resources and other important energy sources to France, the French Macron government’s attitude towards Niger has taken a turn for the worse, and even after obtaining military intervention authorization, it directly flew military fighter jets into Niger’s airspace. The West Community, which has been supported and cultivated by Western countries since its inception, also put the Nigerian army on full combat readiness after the coup.

French President Macron

However, under the tense situation between the two sides, the United States suddenly disrupted the situation, saying uncharacteristically that “the United States is willing to mediate the matter and promote the early restoration of peace in Niger.” Now, the West can only temporarily press it and not send it. In fact, such an attitude of the United States is only sending a signal—Western countries should not take action and let ECOWAS come forward to put pressure on Niger.

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