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The Retiring Member Will Not Be Able To Enter The European Parliament For 6 Months

The proposal was considered by European Parliament President Roberta Metsula and a management committee consisting of 14 vice-presidents of the Parliament to protect the Parliament from issues such as Qatar Gate.

In this proposal called ‘Plan to keep things cool and the heat after office’, it is said that whenever a member of the European Parliament ends his term, he should not be allowed to enter the Parliament for the next 6 months and if he comes . in Parliament If desired, he should be given a visitor’s pass.

According to sources, the proposal was made to prevent Parliament from becoming a victim of corruption through lobbying by former MEPs.

The upcoming proposal also emphasizes that if a member engages in any corporate activity, he should also register.

It should be noted that this proposal emerged after a former member of the European Parliament, Antonio Panzeri, was involved in ‘Qatar Gate’.

Antonio Panzeri retired from Parliament in 2015, but he continues to visit the European Parliament. Later in 2019, he formed an organization called Stop Impunity and allegedly continued to lobby MPs from its platform.

He was later accused of corruption and the Belgian police arrested six people including him and recovered a large amount of money from him, including Eva Kelly, the prominent vice-president of the European Parliament, and several members of parliament. institutions had to leave their posts.

Source : FGN